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Pro-Israel Saudi Blogger Attacked by Muslim Worshipers on Temple Mount

Jerusalem's Old City Walls, Photo, Israel Police Spokesman's Office

JERUSALEM, Israel - Muslim worshippers on the Temple Mount cursed, spat on, and insulted a Saudi blogger on Monday after he participated in an event hosted by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mohammed Saud, a pro-Israel writer from Saudi Arabia, was a part of a delegation of media figures from Arab countries who were invited by Israel to visit the Jewish State.

However, a casual visit to the Temple Mount Monday turned dangerous for Saud when Muslim worshippers began attacking and cursing him as he visited the holy site. They accused him of being a traitor for being affiliated with Israel.

A video of the incident captures a man yelling at Saud, "Go to a synagogue," while others scream "animal" and "Zionist trash." Young boys also shout and throw chairs at Saud.

Another video shows a child running up and spitting on Saud as he tries to leave the Temple Mount.

Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attack.

"We strongly condemn the cruel and immoral behavior of some Palestinians near the Al-Aqsa Mosque toward a Saudi media personality who came to Jerusalem to be a bridge to peace and understanding between peoples," spokesperson Nizar Amer wrote on Twitter.

Saud is a social media influencer who is extremely pro-Israel and is a vocal supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

His twitter feed is full of pro-Israel and pro-Netanyahu messages.

"I love Israel and I wish [there could be] a diplomatic relationship between our country and Israel," Saud said in a video he posted in May.

"We have a lot to do to make our Middle East greater than ever. Please support peace."

Saud also frequently retweets messages and videos from Netanyahu's own Twitter account.

The Times of Israel reports that Saud is expected to meet Netanyahu in person on Tuesday.

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