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Berlin Deports Palestinian Woman Convicted of Terror, Cancels BDS Event

Rasmeah Yousef Odeh, Photo Facebook

German authorities canceled an anti-Israel event in Berlin this weekend that featured a speech from convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh.

The event was called "Palestinian Women in the Liberation Struggle" and was set to promote boycotts, sanctions, and divestments against the Jewish state.

Berlin authorities shut down the event after facing international backlash over Odeh's attendance. The Israeli Embassy in Germany coordinated with German authorities cancel the event and have Odeh deported.

Odeh was a key member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and masterminded a deadly bombing attack on a Jewish grocery store in Israel in 1969. The terror attack killed two Hebrew University students and injured several others.

She was tried and convicted in Israeli courts, but was released in 1979 in a prisoner exchange deal with the United States. She was deported from the US back to her home country of Jordan in 2017 after US immigration authorities discovered that she lied about her criminal past.

Thanks to Israel's efforts, Odeh is banned from participating in "any political activity" in Berlin until she is deported back to Jordan.

United States Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, petitioned Berlin on behalf of the Trump administration to stop her from speaking.

"The rise of anti-Semitism around the world is very troubling," Grenell told Fox News in an interview late last week, according to The Washington Free Beacon. "Some people plant the seeds of anti-Semitism while others water it and help it grow. Offering a public speaking role to a Palestinian terrorist convicted of murder, terrorism and immigration fraud legitimizes anti-Semitism at a time when we should be condemning it. I join the chorus of others who have raised their voices in Berlin standing against anti-Semitism no matter where it's found."

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller applauded her deportation, telling reporters that Berlin is a "cosmopolitan and tolerant city that does not give room to extremist propaganda. Anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic arguments wrapped in liberation rhetoric have no place here. I'm glad we found a way to stop this incitement."

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