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Proclaiming Good News From the Galilee Amid COVID-19


JERUSALEM, Israel - One Christian organization in the Galilee near the Jordan River is now making video productions in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

To help redeem this global crisis, the Aliyah Return Center (ARC) of Return Ministries has begun producing videos to serve Christian television stations and networks around the world. In this season of plague and being inundated with bad news, they want to bring “Good News from the Galilee.” 

Two of their recent productions include: From Plague to Destiny? and Repent, Consecrate, and Cross your Jordan 

Their stated purpose is to: “Create positive and educational productions that bring glory to God in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.”

They’re also planning a Global Online Passover Event on April 8th. 

Return Ministries was founded by Dean Bye and Chaim Malespin is the Director of its Aliyah Return Center (ARC) that began in 2016. 

Return Ministries has a unique relationship with the Jewish Agency, Israel’s 90-year-old organization responsible for bringing Jews back to the Promised Land. Their cooperation marks a partnership of both Jews and Christians working together to fulfill what the Hebrew prophets said thousands of years ago would happen … the return of the Jewish people to their Biblical homeland. 


Near the Sea of Galilee, they’ve been restoring a former boarding school campus on 14 acres at Kibbutz Beit Zera alongside the Jordan River. Hundreds of young Israelis come and live in this restored resurrected campus community that began originally in 1949. 

The Center usually includes about 25 - 40 Christians from all over the world who participate in a stay, pray, learn and serve program. Their goal is to “help these interns understand first-hand how to love and bless Israel with unconditional love” from a Biblical perspective. About a month ago, several Russian immigrants made their first home in Israel at Aliyah Return Center and now like the rest of the nation they’re enduring a lockdown while served by about 20 Christians joined in the lockdown with them.

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