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Why Did Early American Universities Embrace the Hebrew Language?

Harvard University (Photo: Harvard University Website)

Can you imagine the Harvard, Yale or Columbia Universities of today embracing the Hebrew language? Probably not.  But believe it or not, back in the early days of their founding, these American institutions of higher learning not only embraced Hebrew but sometimes delivered their valedictorian speeches in Hebrew. 

Did you also know “Abracadabra, Amen and Hallelujah” have Hebrew roots? 

These revelations are all part of Yoram Ettinger’s third video in his nine part series on “The 400th Anniversary of the Unique US-Israel Kinship.”  This series sheds light on the history behind the Judeo-Christian roots connecting America and Israel.  As Ettinger puts it, these roots “transcend strategic accords, eclipse political agreements and precede the 1948 establishment of the Jewish State and the 1776 establishment of the USA.” 

Take a look for yourself.  

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