"Priceless" the movie

Grammy-winning Christian band "For King & Country" has launched a new installment in their movement to champion the true, "Priceless," God-given worth of every woman.


Tim Tebow put his faith to action Tuesday night and prayed for a fan who suffered from a sudden seizure. What happened next shocked everyone. 


As if a baseball and a broadcasting career weren't enough, Tim Tebow is about to launch a book.

New Life

A new film called "New Life" explores how in in good times and bad, life can be approached with hope and the opportunity for something new.


Love & The Outcome's Jodi King speaks with CBN News about their latest hit single, their new album and faith in Jesus Christ.


"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson is hitting the road with a show called "Live Original." The best-selling author and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant is taking the opportunity to share a message with teens about what real confidence is all about.

Troy Buder, Executive Producer of "Queen of Katwe"

Troy Buder, a man with no experience in the film industry, says its an absolute miracle how he became the executive producer of the new Disney film "Queen of Katwe." The back story of how he came to oversee the production of a major motion picture is as unlikely and inspiring as the film's true story.

Marlins' Dee Gordon

On an emotional night in Marlins Park, Dee Gordon hit a home run in honor of teammate Jose Fernandez, and gave glory to God.

International Chess Champion, depicted in Queen of Katwe

Phiona Mutesi's story is so heart-warming and inspirational that Hollywood traveled to an often forgotten slum in Uganda to tell it. Her unlikely tale of hope and triumph is depicted in "The Queen of Katwe." It depicts a young girl's journey of faith from the slums of Uganda to an international champion chess player.

Bobby Bowden

Legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden is known for reviving a once failing football program. A new film chronicles his life and faith.