Bryce Stanfield

A South Carolina college football player has died after suffering from a medical emergency during a workout last week, leaving his community in shock. 

World Health Organization logo

World Health Organization leaders are warning about "Disease X," the temporary name for the next pathogen that will ravage the globe in the future.  

American College of Pediatricians

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) says allowing teens to transition genders socially or medically does not lead to better mental health outcomes for those struggling with gender dysphoria


The sudden deaths of two young people during high school basketball events in separate states have left their communities in shock.


America is facing a mental health crisis unlike anything we've ever seen before. Psychiatrist Daniel Amen, one of the founders of the faith-based health program The Daniel Plan, says it's partly the result of "a society that takes God out of schools and businesses and replaces it with idol worship." 

Photo Courtesy: Mark Joubert via X

The parents of a seven-week-old infant fighting for his life after receiving a heart transplant are requesting more urgent prayers.

Photo Courtesy: Mark Joubert via X

Thousands of Christians on social media are thanking God for the miraculous turnaround of a seven-week-old baby who underwent a heart transplant. And his parents are asking for more prayers as he continues to recover and "fight for his life." 

Jeff and Angela Jordan lost 150 pounds together.

Doctors say next to smoking, maintaining an unhealthy weight is the top preventable cause of deadly diseases and health problems. That's why Jeff and Angela Jordan decided to do something about their weight. Here's how they dropped 150 pounds.

A woman uses light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder and the "winter blues".

This time of year, millions of Americans suffer from the so-called "Winter Blues," or the more serious Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as "SAD," a medically recognized form of depression.  These conditions affect people who say they feel good most of the year, but report feeling gloomy and lazy during the winter.  

baby hand in an adult hand

The mom and dad of a California baby girl born weighing the amount of a soda can say they are grateful to God that she is thriving just seven months after her birth.