Palestinian Ancient Church

Palestinian tourism officials say evidence of an ancient religious Christian site--perhaps dating back as early as the sixth century was uncovered recently during the construction of a new shopping mall.

Al-Qaryatain Ruins

The bones of a saint revered by Assyrian Christians have been recovered at a Syrian monastery.


Israel doctors with Save a Child's Heart gave Esther Mbakati, a Tanzanian Christian orphan. a healthy heart and a new lease on life. Now the 14 year old dreams of following the same career path as the doctors transformed her life.


Years ago, getting a hold of pornography wasn't that easy. People would secretly purchase a dirty magazine or obtain a video from the wrong part of town. Since the digital revolution, that dirty little secret has become a global business and community.


Video shows Jupiter as recorded by Gerrit Kernbauer, an amateur astronomer in Austria. He accidentally recorded a major impact on the huge planet.


Ten years ago, doctors had no idea of the technology on the horizon that would help them take on cancer. Today, Bon Secours Cancer Institute is a faith-based health system that helps patients beat their cancer in a way that's light years ahead of the past.


Less than three percent of American adults are living even a basic healthy lifestyle.


Astronaut Jeff Williams, the 58-year-old who will become the American record holder for cumulative days in space, says contrary to popular speculation, his scientific knowledge and his Biblical knowledge don't contradict.


Sam Black says his thirteen year old son does not watch pornography - an addiction that's affecting children at an alarming rate.


The company behind the Internet filtering and monitoring software says that more than half of children are exposed to pornography before they graduate high school.