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DOJ's Third In Charge Is Leaving Soon For New Job


CBN News has confirmed with multiple sources inside the Department of Justice that Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, the number three person  in charge of the DOJ is leaving.

Sources say Brand, who has only spent nine months on the job, is leaving to take a position in a Fortune 500 company.

CBN News asked DOJ representatives about her leaving, but there is no comment from the organization at this hour.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently praised Brand and his second-in-command, Rod Rosenstein, before the Devin Nunes memo was released on Friday.

"Thank you, Rachel, for your kind words and, more importantly, for your strong leadership as our third in command at the department," Sessions said.

"Rod and Rachel are Harvard graduates, they are experienced lawyers. Rod's had 27 years in the department, Rachel's had a number of years in the department previously, so they both represent the kind of quality and leadership we want in the department," Sessions continued.

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