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Late-Term Abortionist in the Hot Seat for Endangering Women's Health


Dozens from the pro-life community showed up at the Capitol for a prayer rally Monday on the same day late-term abortion Dr. Leroy Carhart was scheduled to testify at a deposition before a congressional panel, but the deposition was postponed.

The House panel is investigating Carhart for sending at least five women to the hospital since December 2015 for "botched" abortions he performed.

Carhart has performed abortions since the late 1980s. Under his care, two women have died. In the last four years, 12 women reportedly have been sent to the hospital.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, helped organize the rally.

"We think it's important to be out here for two reasons," Mahoney told CBN News. "First of all, to pray, to pray for the House Select Panel, to pray that God would guide them and lead them. But also to stand in solidarity with the innocent children whose lives have been taken and to the women who have been brutalized."

Carhart's medical license is up for renewal this summer. Mahoney said he hopes to see it revoked.

The abortionist practices in Germantown, Maryland, and Bellvue, Nebraska, and he has licenses in seven other states.

"This man is a danger to women, and it is the responsibility of the state authorities to thoroughly examine the competency of this out-of-state doctor who is nealy 75 years old," Andrew Glenn, executive director of the Maryland Coalition for Life, said.

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