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Anti-Trump Texts by a Member of Mueller's Team Raise Red Flags on Russia Investigation


WASHINGTON – It's not clear where Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is going, but the White House and some Republicans are downplaying former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's guilty plea for lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia.

"That plea agreement does not to me indicate that there is very much else there," former George W. Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey told ABC News Sunday.

Some critics are calling all of this politically motivated and President Trump pointed to anti-Trump text messages sent by one FBI official on the Special Counsel's team. Mueller removed him from his position but Trump said the FBI's credibility is "in tatters."

Despite the criticism, Democrats have a different view of the investigation.

"I think what we're beginning to see is the putting together of a case of obstruction of justice," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told NBC News Sunday, adding that the evidence is coming partly from Trump's tweets about fired FBI Director James Comey.

Over the weekend Trump tweeted this:

"I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Just more Fake News covering another Comey lie!"

Critics say that tweet goes against Comey's sworn testimony that Trump asked him to ease up his investigation into Flynn.

Trump's personal attorney, John Dowd, said he actually wrote the tweet, not the president, and that he wrote it wrong.

While the controversies and investigations may be capturing the headlines, on Capitol Hill all eyes are on a different subject: tax reform.

Now that the Senate and House have both passed their tax measures, it's a matter of working out their differences and agreeing on one final bill.

Republicans are confident they can make it happen and Trump has even suggested he might settle for a higher business tax rate: 22 percent instead of 20 percent.

Trump seems unconcerned about the Russia probe and at the same time he appears to be on the verge of his biggest legislative accomplishment so far, one that could have a major impact on the economy.

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