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Why the Church is Key for Creating Trump's America


A new study from Baylor University reveals that the faith community plays a significant role in solving some of the nation's most serious social issues. 

The study is set to be released on Feb 1, just one day before President Trump meets with faith leaders at the National Prayer Breakfast. 

Key findings show that faith-based organizations are on the forefront in the fight against homelessness. For example, nearly 60% of Emergency Shelter Beds for the homeless are provided through faith-based organizations.

Even more, faith-based homeless ministries are the leaders in developing programs that produce positive change over the long-haul.

CBN News spoke with Dr. Byron Johnson, one of the study's authors.

"The faith-based response is staggering," said Johnson.

"Not just in the sheer numbers but in the type of ministry that they provide to people that are homeless. They don't  try to say, 'here's someone who's homeless let's get them a residence.' This is a person that may have issues with addiction. They may be coming out of prison. It may be a veteran coming out of  Afghanistan. It could be an addict on the street. It could be a woman fleeing a domestic violence relationship. So when you think about all the different needs that these people have, it's overwhelming and what we found is that the faith-based community is there providing wholistic kind of comprehensive programs to minister to people, not just spiritually."     

Not only do religious organizations help with socio-economic issues, they also save money. The study revealed that federal investments in faith-based organizations saves millions of taxpayer dollars every year. 

The research comes at a time when President Trump is forging a new relationship with the faith community, recognizing how essential it was to winning the White House, and the influence it has on the future. 

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