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CBN News in a Minute: Today's Top Headlines – July 24


1. The Russia investigation kicks into high gear this week as three members of President Trump's inner circle prep for a Capitol Hill grilling. Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr. and Paul Manafort will all go before the Senate Intelligence Committee. It's raised new questions about whether Trump may be able to pardon his team, or even pardon himself.

2. The White House says it's not focused on Russia and hoping to deliver on tax reform and health care. It's not clear if lawmakers will replace Obamacare or just repeal it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is moving forward with a vote on Tuesday.

3. President Trump's Midesat envoy Jason Greenblatt arrived in Israel as part of an international effort to resolve the crisis between Israelis and the Palestinians over the Temple Mount. CBN's Chris Mitchell reports the current conflict shows little signs of dying down.

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