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Pro-Life Millennial Experts: 'Women Who Are Pro-Choice Are Giving a False Choice'


Three leading experts from the pro-life community joined CBN News with their perspectives on abortion. 

Topics included the status of pro-life victories in the near future, what barriers these woman have faced with their advocasy, and how the Trump Administration is following-through with it's pro-life campaign promises. 

"[President Trump] said he was going to make religious liberty a priority...The Obamacare HHS Mandate forced business top pay for and provide abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilzation in their health insurance plans, and just recently the administration has work to free that up from businesses. So it's been really encouraging to see [Trump] deliver on that. -Alison Centofante, Alliance Defending Freedom

"Women who are pro-choice are giving a false choice, a false dichotomy: You can either be a woman and pursue your education or career and have your life ahead of you, OR you can have a child and your life ends...Pro-life women are giving solutions - they're giving solutions and not saying that you have to kill your child in order to succeed in life, and that is the most pro-woman position we can take." -Arine Grossu, Family Research Council

"Ultimately I think the pro-life message is prevailing the way that is does bcause it is so empowering, it is so positive. Pro-life Americans are full of love for mothers and their unborn childen. So the pro-life community is reaching out to women and offering material assistance or prayers or help with navigating adoption or assistance to be able to feed their families." -Melanie Israel, The Heritage Foundation

Watch the full interview above. 

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