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'God Bless You' : Franklin Graham Reminds the Nation to Pray on a special occasion for First Lady


Franklin Graham honored First Lady Melania Trump's 48th birthday by calling on Americans to pray for her and the First Family.

"As our nation's First Lady Melania Trump celebrates her birthday today (Thursday), let's be sure to remember to pray for the First Family," Graham wrote in a Facebook post. "I cannot imagine the pressure they experience day to day as they serve our country. Pray that they will look to God for wisdom and direction, and that He will guide their steps and decisions. Happy Birthday First Lady Melania Trump —God bless you!"

Others on social media also sent prayer messages and scriptures to the first lady.

"Psalm 91 over our First Family," one Twitter user said.

"Jude 1:2 #Mercy, #peace, and #love be multiplied to you," another said.

"Happy Birthday!!! May the Lord bless you with a wonderful year!!! Thank you for all that you do with such grace!!!" someone tweeted.

Mrs. Trump expressed her gratitude to all her well-wishers by posting on Facebook and Twitter:

"Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful birthday wishes!"

The White House says Melania spent her birthday with her family.

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