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Trump's Legal Team Rejects Interview Request by Mueller


President Trump's attorneys are saying 'no' to the latest interview proposal from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller wanted an in-person interview covering several topics, including possible obstruction of justice.

Trump's team won't accept those terms, saying they'll accept written questions, but probably won't answer any about obstruction of justice.

"I'm not going to disclose what we told the special counsel, but needless to say, we didn't accept their offer," Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow told Fox News Wednesday night.

The two sides have being going back and forth over the conditions of the interview as Mueller looks to understand whether the president acted with a criminal intent to prevent the investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and Russia.

Mueller can make a counter-offer or try to force the president to testify.

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani says that would be unprecedented.

"So long as he's making the decision voluntarily and no subpoena, that's not inconsistent with what other presidents did," said Giuliani. "There's no question the president would resist any kind of attempt to force him to testify."

Giuliani repeated his calls for Mueller to wrap up his investigation, saying he should issue a report by September 1.

Trump's lawyers did not detail the terms of any counteroffer they may have made and they also did not suggest that they were close to agreeing to an interview.

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