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Trump Expected to Approve Release of Top Secret FBI-Russia Memo Today

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

WASHINGTON – A controversial memo that Republicans say shows the FBI playing politics is expected to be released Friday at the approval of President Donald Trump.
The House Intelligence Committee gave the memo to Trump earlier this week and when asked Tuesday if he would make it public, he said he would "100 percent."
The memo centers around the 2016 election and how the FBI reportedly targeted Carter Page, a Trump campaign official, in what the GOP is calling an improper use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The agency used the dossier, paid for by Democrats, to secure a warrant to monitor Page. However, Republicans say the dossier was incomplete and misrepresented to the court.
The Trump administration believes this memo could discredit special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian collusion investigation, which Trump has long called a political "witch-hunt."
When and if Trump signs off on declassifying the memo, it will be given to lawmakers who can then release it to the public.


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