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Trump Touts Year of 'Tremendous, Monumental Achievement' in First Cabinet Meeting of 2018

Donald Trump White House AP
Donald Trump White House AP

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump held his first Cabinet meeting of the new year touting the accomplishments of his administration in 2017 by calling them a "tremendous, monumental achievement."

Trump listed his record-breaking work, including the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice and the appointment of "more circuit court judges than any administration."

The president added that right before Christmas, Congress "passed the largest tax cut and reform in American history."

According to Trump, that tax reform is already helping Americans with "more than 1 million workers already receiving a tax cut bonus."  

The president admits this was an added bonus that "frankly nobody even thought about… we just knew a lot of good things were going to happen."  

He noted companies like AT&T, which quickly implemented the tax cut plan by offering $1,000 per employee.

Trump added, "Hard working American families will receive tremendous tax relief, lowered tax rates and nearly doubled the standard deduction and doubled the child tax credit."

The president took a moment to reach out to minorities as well, citing a new report which shows "African-American unemployment reached its lowest level in history. I'm very proud of this."

The president reiterated his approach to immigration and border security, saying, "We are also making America safe again."

The president laid out his four-point plan of "Securing our border, including, of course, the wall, ending chain migration, canceling the visa lottery and addressing the status of the DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) population."

The president has come under serious criticism for ending the DACA program.

"We want to see something happen with DACA," he said.  

Pointing to varying accounts of the number of DACA children who are affected, with some reporting 650,000 and others saying it is more like 3 million, he added, "The fact is our country was such a mess nobody knows what the numbers are."

During one moment of levity, the president applauded the media, saying, "I think the media will ultimately support Trump in the end," adding, "If Trump doesn't win in three years they're all out of business."

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