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Are Trump's Tax Cuts the New Obamacare? Why These Libs Think Taking Money Away Will Win Votes


Some Democrats think they may have a campaign issue to use against Republicans in this fall's congressional elections: President Trump's tax cut.

High-profile liberals are calling for the tax cuts to be repealed just two months after President Trump signed them into law.

They've even launched a national tour they call: "Repeal the Trump Tax."

Those Democrats are betting big that repealing the tax cuts will give them a clear, populist message – a rallying cry, like repealing Obamacare was for Republicans.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is considered a possible contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, and he wants total repeal of the tax cuts.

"Repeal this tax bill," Garcetti said. "It was passed by, and for, the Washington crowd and their rich friends. Corporations and billionaires are doing just fine."

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But Democrats in red states aren't sure it's a good strategy. And some of those who do want to get rid of the tax cuts only want to repeal certain parts, saying tax breaks for billionaires and large corporations must go.

"I think what we have got to do is sit down and take a look at what kind of tax benefits would work best for small business, for working families and the middle class," 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison and at least 16 other members of Congress in recent weeks have joined the "Repeal the Trump Tax" national tour. The tour runs through mid-April.

The tax cut plan is likely to be a central issue for both parties in this year's midterms.

Initially, the tax cuts weren't that popular due in part to negative media coverage. But as Americans began seeing more cash in their paycheck, attitudes shifted. Now a recent poll shows that a majority of Americans like what Congress and President Trump did.

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