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CBN News Channel Election Coverage: Trump Speaks After GOP Wins Senate, Dems Win House


WATCH President Trump addresses the nation LIVE Thursday morning after the election yielded a split Congress. Click on the CBN News Channel Video Player ABOVE

There's been a lot at stake in Tuesday's nationwide elections from control of Congress to governor's races in 36 states, and both sides were very energetic, fueled by their support or dislike for President Trump. Exit polls showed that 64 percent of voters said Trump was a reason for their vote.

Now it looks like Republicans and Democrats will split control of Congress. Republicans have picked up enough Senate seats to block Democrats there, expanding GOP control over the Senate. More about that here. But the Democrats have won control over the House. 

It's not clear how big their margin of victory will be in the House. Still, while Bill Clinton and the Democrats lost 54 seats to Republicans in 1994, and Barack Obama and the Democrats lost 63 seats to the Republicans in 2010, it doesn't look like Donald Trump and the Republicans will lose nearly that many seats to Democrats in these 2018 midterms.

Ahead of Tuesday's elections, 36 million Americans participated in early voting. As that number indicates, voter enthusiasm was high. To put that into perspective, that number was just 20 million in the 2014 midterm elections.     

Democrats had talked about taking control of the House of Representatives in a "blue wave" all year long, but losing even more seats in the Senate could hardly be called a sign of a "blue wave."

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This midterm election generated a lot more heat and a lot more voter interest than previous midterms because in many ways it's a referendum on President Trump.

His opponents say taking control of the House and Senate is the only way to stop Trump's agenda on issues like immigration, nominating judges, and healthcare. His supporters were also very motivated to head to the polls to ensure Trump can continue to make the changes they want for America.

"Everything we have achieved is at stake," President Trump said in a final campaign rally. "Because they can take it apart just as fast as we built it."

Throughout the night, CBN News provided LIVE coverage on the CBN News Channel from 8 pm-Midnight, and on our Special Election page. You can also click HERE to see an interactive map with LIVE election results from every single House, Senate and Governors race.



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