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What Trump's Booming Economy Means for Tuesday's Midterms


One big issue driving voters to the polls Tuesday is the economy, which appears to be flourishing under the Trump administration.

USA Today reports that the unemployment rate sits at 3.7 percent, the lowest since 1969. In addition, the paper notes that wages are growing at 3.1 percent, the fastest annual clip since the Great Recession. Meanwhile, consumer confidence is at a 17-year high.

In light of those statistics, many supporters of the current administration are hoping to keep the positive momentum going.

"The economy is very strong. By any measure, unemployment, job growth, income growth, productivity – any measure you want to look at now, the economy is strong," Andrew Root with Regent University's School of Business told CBN News.

Root largely credits President Donald Trump for the current economic landscape.

"Most of that credit versus what we saw in the prior eight years does need to go to the president. The reason is he has engaged in regulatory reform and fiscal reform – people know about the taxes – but the regulatory side of the changes have been very significant to getting business productivity going and really freeing up business investment."

Root shared more of his thoughts on the impact the economy will have on Tuesday's midterms on CBN's "Newswatch." Watch above.

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