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These Are 5 of the Best Tweets About Constitution Day


Constitution Day marks the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787.  Here are five of the best tweets about this day:

1. Senator Rand Paul tweets: Happy #ConstitutionDay. We should never forget the Constitution wasn't written to restrain citizen's behavior it was written to restrain the government's behavior.


2. Senator Ted Cruz states: Today our U.S. Constitution turns 231! I'm grateful to live in a country where our God-given rights are recognized and protected. #ConstitutionDay


3. Students for Life says: Happy #ConstitutionDay!
Things in the Constitution: free-speech, religious freedom
Things not in the Constitution: right to abortion


4. Human Defense Initiative tweets:  Happy #ConstitutionDay
The 14th amendment to our US Constitution protects the right to LIFE, liberty and property.
This has been igored by our government for 45 years.
It's time for change.
It's time to protect preborn life.#ProLife #ByeRoe


5. Senator Ron Johnson says: Our Founding Fathers had it right: government close to the governed is best. #ConstitutionDay


And here's a bonus tweet for good measure, in case you're interested in taking a quiz to test your knowledge of the US Constitution:

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