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A Biden-Harris White House Could Be the Most Pro-Abortion Ever

Joe Biden (Photo: AP Photo)

The latest signs indicate a Biden White House would promote and pursue one of the most extreme abortion agendas in history, and his running mate has a radical plan that would forbid states from having the power to stop it.

What Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would like to see is your tax dollars going to pay for abortions to a degree we’ve never seen before.    

You Might Have to Pay for Abortions All the Way Through Nine Months

“They’ve stated this as being one of their big goals in a new administration: to force American taxpayers to pay for elective abortion, and that would be abortion all the way up through nine months,” Mallory Quigley at the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List told CBN News.  

That's the plan even though polls show the idea is opposed by 60 percent of American voters, including 35 percent of Democrats.

“This is deeply unpopular. A majority of Americans don’t want their taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortion here at home or overseas,” Quigley said.

Talk of Stopping States From Passing Their Own Laws

States have fought back against such abortion extremism in the past by handling matters legislatively…passing their own laws.

“I anticipate we’d see something similar to that if there’s a Biden/Harris White House,” Quigley stated. “What we’ve seen in the last few decades is an effort by the states to pass laws that would stop abortion beyond five months, the point beyond which the baby can feel pain, and really challenging a core premise of Roe vs. Wade.”

But Kamala Harris has proposed a way to stop states from having a say.

“The Department of Justice would be instructed to ‘pre-clear’ bills that state legislatures wanted to pass that were pro-life.   This is a complete violation of separation of powers, the principles of federalism, and the power that the states have to enact laws that are reflective of the values of the people in that state,” Quigley argued. “Kamala Harris would say, ‘No, Georgia, no, Florida, you can’t pass Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Acts.'”

‘The Most Anti-Life Regime in American History’

Another sign of Biden’s extremism on abortion is his pick of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to head up Health and Human Services, the agency most involved with regulating abortion.

“Becerra is aggressively pro-abortion,” Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement. “In Congress, he even voted in favor of partial-birth abortion.”

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Ashley McGuire of The Catholic Association called the nomination “a gross insult to Catholics."

"Becerra spent years tormenting the Little Sisters of the Poor in court, trying to force them to pay for things like abortion pills against their consciences. He also led efforts to force pro-life pregnancy resource centers to advertise for abortion,” McGuire said.

Thomas Glessner fought for those resource centers and against Becerra all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  He said Biden’s pick, “Solidifies the fact that his administration will be the most anti-life regime in American history.”

McGuire added, “Becerra is outright hostile to religious liberty, and Biden’s choice of someone so openly anti-Catholic is an affront to the faith that he so frequently invoked as part of his campaign.”

Not All Democrats Will Go Along

Kristen Day of Democrats for Life told CBN News some congressional Democrats will fight Biden’s pro-abortion extremism. “We’re hopeful that he will not be able to take some of his policies to fruition,” Day said.

But to maybe lower the number of abortions, Day hopes Biden would back programs to improve women’s economic circumstances so they’d feel they don’t have to abort their unborn. 

“We would rather see money going toward the Pregnancy Assistance Fund and coming up with innovative ways to support women to actually carry the child to term, and support for the new families once that child is born,” Day asserted. “Looking at things like paid family leave and child care.”

She concluded, “It’s very consistent with Democratic values and Democratic policy to promote those sort of programs that help families and help the most vulnerable. And to promote abortion as a solution is anti-feminist and anti-Democrat.”

Trampling on Conscience Rights

Quigley expects Biden would return to something else his former boss Barack Obama went after.

“Under a Biden administration, we would likely see a return to the infringement of conscience that we saw under President Obama. That’s forcing healthcare providers to be a part of abortions that they don’t want to be a part of,” Quigley stated.  

And he’d like to make pro-life businesses and other organizations support abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans. Biden has said he’d force that even on the Little Sisters of the Poor, who live to serve elderly people who are sick and dying.

“Their mission has absolutely nothing to do with the destruction of life. And he would see them be forced to pay for abortion-inducing drugs in their healthcare programs,” Quigley lamented. 

She then spoke of her own Catholic faith and said, “It’s really disturbing, really upsetting personally as a Catholic that he’s stated his intention to go after them again when all they want to do is take care of the elderly who are in the process of dying.”

‘Turn All Eyes Toward Georgia’

If Biden does end up as president, one of the only bodies to stand in the way of his abortion agenda will be a Republican-controlled Senate. This is why those two run-off races in Georgia in early January are so important.  They’ll determine if the Democrats or Republicans reign in the Senate.  “The most important thing the pro-life movement can be doing right now is turn all eyes toward Georgia,” Quigley insisted.   

She said those races will decide, “Whether there is a unified pro-abortion government, or if we have an ability to fight back through the pro-life leadership of Mitch McConnell.”

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And that’s the only way Xavier Becerra could be kept from heading up HHS.

“The Senate of course is where judicial appointments are confirmed. All of the president’s Cabinet would need to be confirmed by the Senate,” Quigley pointed out.

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