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God Sets Good and Bad Leaders in Place: 'God Is Working Through All of Them'


America and the rest of the world want strong leadership especially in times of crisis. Throughout history, we have seen both good and bad examples.  But it's important to realize who truly calls the shots.

Dr. Peter Lillback and his Philadelphia-based Providence Forum work to highlight the many times and ways God has touched America and its leaders throughout its history.

Lillback told CBN News, "God is in charge right now with the president of the United States. But not just this one – everyone before and every one after. And God is working out His will."

'God Establishes the Boundaries & Times of Nations'

Lillback also heads up Westminster Theological Seminary. Studying and teaching how God works in history and through leaders is one of his specialties.  

"When Paul was on the Areopagus in Acts Chapter 7, he said to the Athenians, 'God establishes the boundaries and times of nations.' And so, yes, the Bible says He raises up leaders and puts them down," Lillback stated with assurance.

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"When political leaders are raised up, God is involved in that. Now we don't know if that is for blessing or for judgment!" Lillback said with a laugh.  "But, absolutely, Donald Trump is leading because of God's purpose. But that's also true of Barack Obama. It's also true of George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. And, as hard as it is to say this, even the tyrants and dictators of history; God is working through all of them."

But what to do when one of those bad leaders comes along?

'Call Them to the Higher Law of God'

"To think that God has made a mistake or God is absent? I can't say that biblically. And when we have a president we don't like, the Bible tells us we're still to respect those in authority," Lillback explained. "But also call them to the higher law of God and say, 'Are you following His standards?'

If a president will follow God's standards, Lillback insisted it'll bring godly wisdom and blessing to America.

"One of the great truths that we have is God's truth and His word is His wisdom. And it's given out of His love for His creatures," Lillback stated. "A lot of people say, 'Oh the Ten Commandments: God is cruel, God is mean; He's taking away my pleasure.'  It's not at all true. This is the Creator saying, 'Do you want to know the best way to live? Follow My will.'"

Give Us Leaders Who Will Bow Before the Lord

Such a follower leads his nation to seek God's will and ways.

"We ask the question, 'What's right? What's wrong?  That is the great history of America at its best," the seminarian said. "And that should be our prayer: that God would restore just governance among us by people who really bow before the Lord and say 'teach me Your wisdom'."

God is well-pleased to guide and prosper such a people. As Lillback put it, "God's law creates the opportunity to do all that we need to do in a way that blesses all that we touch and all the people around us."

And Lillback said of such a people dedicated to God and His ways, "They know to do the right thing in the right way and at the right time that brings blessings to many."

So at such a time of global crisis as mankind now faces, rather than looking to government leaders to solve all the problems, humanity would do better looking higher to the God who puts those leaders in place.

**Originally published March 26, 2020

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