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Elijah Moment: Campaign Promotes Random Acts of Kindness


The holidays are a time for giving and sharing. That's why Rabbi Daniel Cohen and Pastor Todd Novotny of Noroton Community Church in Darien, Connecticut, are heading up what they're calling the Elijah Moment Campaign.

The campaign is named after the biblical prophet Elijah. Cohen and Novotny say a seemingly minor act of generosity can change a life and that every person can be an Elijah.

The campaign encourages people to think about ways to do random acts of kindness with just a moment's notice and can involve anything from sharing a kind word to paying it forward at a local coffee shop or restaurant.

The campaign began on November 23 and ends on January 1. Participants are encouraged to post their Elijah Moment on Facebook or tweet with the hashtag #elijahmoment to inspire others to do the same.

CBN News spoke with Rabbi Cohen about his hope that these moments of generosity will happen all across the country and spread beyond the holiday season.

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