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The Age-Old Debate: Android or Apple?


The "Android versus Apple" smart phone debate continues, even months after the long-awaited release of the iPhone 6. People are learning what the iPhone offers and wondering if it is any better than Android.
In this episode of the Digital Download, Digital and Social Media Contributor Caleb Kinchlow explores the three key things you should know before settling upon the iPhone6. (Original Air Date 9/19/14)
With a record-breaking 4 million presale units in the first 24 hours, the iPhone 6 release was an incredibly big deal. And the hype was boosted with the launch people couldn't even watch without the latest OS."
The device looks to be most anticipated "must-have" gadget to date. But amidst all of the excitement, there is a hint of controversy.
Many Android users contend the new device is nothing more than a replica of the 2012 Androids phones.
Longtime Apple users disagree. The counter, "When Apple does it, it is more precise with just the right features you need."
There are many new features worth noting in the iPhone 6. They include longer battery, higher resolution, and Apple Pay.

But the primary focus has been on the screen size.
Apple creators originally maintained they would never "go big." However, user demand triggered the release of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screens.
The new sizes push the devices closer to the "phablet" family (Phone/Tablet) -- and match the smartphone trends from around the world.
Whether you are "Team iPhone" or "Team Android," one thing is certain:  each company is fighting to offer its customer the better product. In that fight, the customer ultimately wins.

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