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'Faith It Forward' Highlights Power of Religion


The Congressional Prayer Caucus is launching its Faith It Forward initiative Tuesday in an effort to highlight the power of religion in America.
The bipartisan group is inviting people to tell stories of how faith has changed their lives, and the good work religious people are doing all over the world.

Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., told CBN News this new initiative is important because religious freedom in America is at risk like never before.

"It's, I think, terribly at risk as we look across the country more so than at any point and time in my life," the Virginia lawmaker warned. "And one of the things that's important that the country realize is what happens if we take this faith component out of our country."

"It's been a central thread that's been woven through the tapestry of freedom we've had since the birth of this country," he noted.

"We want to make sure as we're telling these narratives that the public starts looking and saying - do we really want to lose this out of our society?" Forbes continued. "And I think the answer clearly is we don't." 

"Our faith helped get us here, but more importantly it's about tomorrow because faith is going to be the guiding force I think to get us through some very challenging times ahead," he said.

Click play to see Rep. Randy Forbes' interview with CBN's Charlene Aaron about the power of faith in America.

*For more information, visit the Faith It Forward Facebook page.

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