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Millions of Americans Brace for 'Winter's Last Stand'


Millions of Americans are facing more snow again Thursday, along with flooding and freezing rains. Meteorologists say the storm could be winter's last stand.

It's been a winter for the record books in the East. In Boston, they need a little more than two inches of snowfall to break the all-time record there, which is 107.6 -- nearly nine feet of snow.

All of that frozen precipitation is having an impact. In the last two days, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency received 28 new reports of building collapses or structural failures because of snow.

Every roof is a concern, and winter is not over yet. One collapsed garage trapped four cars in Spencerport, New York. That's where resident Tim Thomas is working seven days a week to clear roofs.

"I've been in business about 40 years, and I've never been this busy in the middle of the winter," he said.

Meanwhile, at least 24 states from Texas to Massachusetts are under winter weather alerts. Thousands of flights have been canceled, and there have been long delays.

A passenger in Dallas took pictures showing the ice that left her plane stranded on the tarmac for hours.

Poor visibility and icy roads amounted to dangerous conditions for drivers. One driver in Denton County, Texas, is counting his blessings after his car ended up hanging over a bridge.

"If there was any other way that this would have happened, I might not be here so I'm feeling blessed," he said.

At least six states are bracing for another snow emergency.

Nearly a half-million students could be affected by school closings across the country, including Washington, D.C., where the federal government is also closed.

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