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#ICYMI: If It Isn't Super Inclusive, It's Super Offensive


Super Bowl 50 is over, but the conversation about the political undertone of some of the performances and commercials is still ablaze.

In case you missed it, we're going to recap what appeared to be Super Bowl 50's unspoken theme: If it isn't super inclusive,it is super offensive.

Let's take a look at a couple of examples. Starting with Beyonce.

The artist who many of her fans refer to as "Queen Bey" paraded on the field singing her new song, Formation, which many are calling the new anthem to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

After the performance her backup dancers took a picture paying homage to The Black Panthers.

We can probably all agree - that was a political move.

The half-time show ended with a big ol' happy rainbow filled stadium displaying the words "We believe in love."

And while we as Christians know the intent of the rainbow was God's promise to Noah that he would never flood the earth again, it is probably a good idea to guess that move was a nod to gay rights. A nod that was celebrated on social media.

Lots of political statements. Lots of love. That is, apparently unless you are talking about an unborn baby.

A commercial about Doritos, yes Doritos. The tortilla chip covered in cheesy dust is offending people.The commerical shows two expecting parents at a doctor's appointment - what's offensive about it?

The group Naral Pro-Choice was peeved at the fact that in the ultra sound the unborn baby looked too "humanized." The group says they're #NotBuyingIt.

The group is also pretty upset about Hyundai's commercial "First Date." In it, Comedian Kevin Hart does everything possible to make sure his daughter's date doesn't do anything innappropriate.

Some people would call that being a good father, but not Naral Pro- Choice.

The group tweeted saying the commercial was taking away his daughters autonomy. They apparently aren't buying that either.

It might seem outlandish, outrageous, obtuse and lots of other intense words that start with the letter "O."

Or perhaps this could be what we Christian folk call a "signs of the times." That's Christian-ese for things spoken about in the bible that are coming to pass before our eyes.

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