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Second Winter Storm Threatens to Bury Northeast


The wind-driven winter storm that brought several inches of snow to southeastern Massachusetts Monday is now blanketing other parts of the East Coast. It's the second winter storm to hit the Northeast in four days.

"You know, the drifts are crazy," one Massachusetts resident said. "In my backyard, they're up to 4 feet high. But just snow blowing now -- it's probably 5 inches."

"Pretty much here we're just chasing drifts on the coast," snow plow driver Dana Blackman said. "But inland, they're probably getting buried."

Earlier in the day, the storm surge flooded waterfront streets.

"It's a lot higher than usual. It was going over the sea wall, like a few hours before even high tide. It is pretty standard. It gets flooded over here, a block off that area," another resident said.

The wind-driven snow storm led to a string of accidents.
In Connecticut, a charter bus carrying dozens of passengers from New York City to a Connecticut casino crashed and fell on its side on an icy Interstate 95. At least 30 people were injured, six of them critically.

"We had a little extricating to do. We had some guard rails that went through the bus," one first responder said.

And the storm is not over.
The National Weather Service says northern New England could get 4 to 8 inches by late Tuesday or early Wednesday. New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey could see more snow as well.

But by the time the storm ends, eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island could get up to 9 inches of snow.

Travel is expected to be slow in the storm-hit areas -- even on well-treated roads. But schools that were closed on Monday are reopening.

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