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Mississippi Floods Claim 25 Lives, and It's Not Over Yet


Communities in Mississippi and Illinois are assessing the damage from the deadly winter flooding that engulfed their states over New Year's weekend.

Twenty-five people are dead after the Mississippi River rose to historic levels fueled by more than 13 inches of rain over a three-day period.

Water is starting to recede in most areas affected by the flooding, but some locations along the Mississippi are still rising.

Residents of Shelby County, Tennessee, are preparing to evacuate if necessary.

Resident Manolo Soto-Fourmie said he experienced worse flooding in 2011 and he learned to "just make sure your insurance is up and paid for" in order to be prepared for the worst.

Flooding is expected to worsen as the rising waters head downriver to Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and other southern states.

Cleanup efforts are expected to take weeks if not months.

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