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GOP Leader to #RepublicanRebels: 'How Selfish of You' to Not Support Trump


How are GOP leaders responding to group of Republicans refusing to support Donald Trump? Not very supportively.

‪The group of "rebellious" Republicans say they're voting for Hillary Clinton or Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Watch above to find out which notable Republicans say they will be voting across party lines come November. 

"My first message is how selfish of you," Gary Bauer, formerly head of Family Research Council, now president of American Values Action, said.

"They can't possibly believe that Hillary Clinton would be better for America than Donald Trump," Bauer told CBN News.

"I tell you one politician I do trust to do everything they are saying, and that's Hillary Clinton. She says all of her judges will be pro-abortion, she says that we're going to raise taxes on the successful in our country," he said. "So on issue after issue she's not only making these promises, she's been part of an administration that actively cut back religious liberty, that sued the Little Sisters of the Poor for crying out loud."

"So I would say to those folks that say, 'Well, maybe Donald Trump's not telling the truth,' I guarantee that Hillary Clinton is telling the truth about her intentions," he said.

With at least one upcoming Supreme Court appointment, Bauer said there is much more at stake in this election than just who will be our president the next four years.  

"If Hillary Clinton is the next president she will probably get three Supreme Court decisions, and then everything that conservatives care about, the sanctity of life, marriage, religious liberty, all those issues are over. It will take 50 years to bounce back if we bounce back at all," Bauer said.

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