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America on High Alert after Terror Attacks around the World

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Americans around the country are celebrating their Fourth of July holiday amidst serious security concerns.

Law enforcement agencies are on high alert following recent deadly attacks around the world. Officers are stepping up security, hoping to ensure a quiet and peaceful Independence Day.

This year's Fourth of July follows deadly attacks over the past month around the world, from Orlando to Istanbul.

New York City added more than 1,200 new police officers to its force. This is also the first year for the city's new Critical Response Command, which deploys counterterrorism units on continuous patrol.

Some officers could be found Sunday at Central Park, where police now believe a homemade firework may be to blame for a blast that seriously injured an 18-year-old man who stepped on it.

Despite early fears of a bombing, police now believe the device may have been there for some time, and they have ruled out ties to terrorism.

But the weekend incident highlights concerns about terrorism around the country. U.S. Coast Guard patrols are also on higher alert for any homeland security threats.

"We have extra presence out on the water to prevent emergencies from happening," the Coast Guard's Steve Stroh told reporters.

In the nation's capitol, officers checked bags at the weekend's annual fireworks display and parade.

Federal agents are monitoring radical Islamist threats, especially as the Islamic month of Ramadan ends Tuesday evening and ISIS uses the holiday as a call to arms.

With all the security concerns, the Department of Homeland Security is urging people heading to large events to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

And it's not just here at home where officials are on alert. In Saudi Arabia today, a suicide bomber attacked near a U.S. diplomatic site.

The terrorist detonated his suicide vest when security guards approached him. The two guards were wounded, but a deadly attack was thwarted.

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