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Want to Be a Certified Pro-Life Activist? This University Now Offers Training


Oklahoma Wesleyan University is offering a flagship program that will teach Christian students how to uphold the sanctity of life in today's pro-abortion culture.

The certification course, Pro-Life Training and Applied Bioethics, is set to begin in mid-July and will train students in pro-life activism and pregnancy care management. 

The university considers itself to be one of the few schools committed to "equipping the next generation of life-affirming apologists, politicians, and pregnancy center executives."

As such, the school felt the need to answer the growing concern that abortion is the norm. 

"We humbly acknowledge that God defines life and that men do not," President Dr. Everett Piper said in an email. 

Professor Scott Klusendorf and Speaker for Life founder Marc Newman will teach components of the course. They say that it is important for students to change culture. 

"Our goal is to train up powerful advocates for the unborn and center and clinic directors who can persuasively mount a case for their work, raise financial, volunteer, and prayer support, and be of service to area churches, civic groups, and schools," Newman told The College Fix. 

"(Students) need to be able to make a case for the pro-life view in one minute or less if necessary," Klusendorf said.

The program will feature courses on public speaking, non-profit organization, the ethics of abortion, and the biblical origins of the pro-life movement. 

Jody Ward, a pro-life campaigner and project manager of the Women's Care Centre in Baltimore, endorsed the program. She encouraged students not to "pass up this opportunity to take your ministry to the next level and begin making abortion unthinkable in your community."

The school is now looking to see if they can turn the certification program into a full-fledged bachelor's degree. 

"There is no major out there anywhere that is teaching people to do this," Klusendorf said.

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