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Duck Commander Talks Turkey in New Film: 'Darkness Is Falling on America'

Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson believes darkness is falling on America and it's time for people to turn back to God.

That's the message of his upcoming movie, "Torchbearer."

The Duck commander stars in and narrates the film, which includes graphic scenes of violence by ISIS.

Robertson also visits places like the Nazi's Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp to show what happens when nations forsake God.

The film also addresses the moral degeneration of the U.S. entertainment industry. Robertson says moral depravity has become mainstream in America.

"If you look around, the frustration you see coming out of America, in my opinion, is primarily being fueled by the depravity [that] has become mainstream," he said, adding that he never thought he see such depravity in his lifetime, "but it has literally become mainstream."

Still, he believes there's a way out.

"I think there is hope because the great thing that God has allowed for human beings is, we do and we can repent of our wickedness and turn to Him," Robertson said. "So basically, I'm calling [on] the United States of America, beginning with the government — they need to just repent, turn back to God and heed the warnings of our Founding Fathers."

The "Torchbearer" will be screened next week at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

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