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Making Adoptions More Affordable


There are some 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system and adopting these children can be expensive.

Rep. Dianne Black, of Tennessee, is leading a bipartisan effort to make it more affordable. 

CBN's Abigail Robertson recently spoke with Black about the legislation and why it's so dear to her heart. 

"I had a husband who dealt with alcoholism and he left our family when I had two young children and pregnant with the third," she said. "So it was a blessing to us to have my current husband, their dad, to come into our life and adopt all three of my children... They have a forever dad."

May is National Foster Care Month and Rep. Black is working on the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act so more families can adopt. 

"Currently about half of the families that open their home for adoption are 200 percent or above the poverty level," Black explains.  

She says most families don't have the means to adopt, but this new bill will give them the opportunity to do it. 

"They don't have opportunity either, because the tax liability is so low that they don't take advantage of the tax liability credit. 

"So what we're doing is saying that it will be refundable even if you didn't have a tax liability. It's fully refundable," she said.

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