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'We Need to Clean This Up.' Clinton Aide Worried Obama Knew about Private Server


With 13 days to go until Election Day, a new batch of WikiLeaks documents is creating new headaches for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Her staff knew they had a problem when on March 7, 2015. President Barack Obama claimed that he first heard about the then-secretary of state's private email server "through news reports."

The latest WikiLeaks emails show that Clinton's national spokesman, Josh Schwerin, had raised red flags with Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri and others about the server.

"Jen, you probably have more on this, but it looks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news," Schwerin wrote.

Cheryl Mills, Clinton's lawyer, wrote to campaign chairman John Podesta saying, "[W]e need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say state.gov."

Speaking in central Florida on Tuesday, Republican candidate Donald Trump said the new email revelation showed the president knew about Clinton's private server.

"If you read what happened today with the (computer) server, back and forth, that he ended up knowing about, even though he said he didn't," Trump said. "It just came out on WikiLeaks - he knew about it."

This latest batch of emails also revealed growing frustration inside the Clinton camp over the server controversy.

Longtime Podesta confidant Neera Tanden asked, "Why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy," to which Podesta replied: "Unbelievable."

Tanden then answered her own question, writing: "I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it."

In another email exchange between the two friends, Podesta wrote: "We've taken on a lot of water that won't be easy to pump out of the boat. Most of that has to do with terrible decisions made pre-campaign, but a lot has to do with her instincts." Tanden responded. "Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts can be terrible."

Trump pounced on the word "instincts," saying to those who had gathered to hear him speak in Naples, Florida, that "she's got bad instincts; she's got bad judgment. You take a look at all of the harm and all of the things that she's done -- it's a mess."

Meanwhile Clinton, who celebrates her 69th birthday Wednesday, continues to dismiss the email leaks, instead focusing on what she calls Trump's lack of qualifications to be commander in chief.

"After spending his entire campaign attacking one group of Americans after another - immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, women, POWs, Muslims, people with disabilities - now his final target is democracy itself," Clinton said to supporters at a rally in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Meanwhile, people across the country are already casting their ballots in early voting states. Initial figures show more than 9 million have cast their ballots.

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