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Football Team Takes Knee on Winning Play, But Gained So Much More... 


It seemed like the average high school football game. The Woodlands High School Junior Varsity White team was playing Kay Tompkins High School.

The Tompkins were leading by one point at 29-28. The Woodlands knew it would take just one touchdown for them to win the game and get one step closer to the championships. 

With only seconds left, a Woodlands receiver caught a pass and was only feet away from touchdown and a win. 

That is when things took a dark turn. 

The Woodlands receiver collided with the Tompkins player. But the Thompkins player never got up.

"It was crazy," Ryan Ferrini, one of The Woodlands players, told Chron News. "I just thought he hurt his head or got a concussion or something."

But the Tompkins player's injuries were much more serious. Meanwhile, The Woodlands players were preparing for their final and winning play.

"Once I hear he was getting Life Flighted, I just didn't feel right about pushing it in anymore," Ferrini said.

During the frenzy and panic, something even more expected happened on the field. 

"When I looked across the field and saw their players together praying, I saw tears in their eyes and their coaches had tears in their eyes," The Woodlands coach David Colschen said.

Instead of scoring the last touchdown of the game, The Woodlands players decided to show one more display of unity and respect. They all lined up at the touchdown line and kneeled for the last seconds of the game, giving the Tomkins the win. 

Coach Colschen says the decision was an easy one to make. 

"It just was the right thing to do," he said.

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