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Texas Governor Predicts ‘More  Danger for Texas’


Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned Texans Sunday afternoon that in many cases the worst is yet to come. 

Speaking at a news conference Sunday afternoon, the Governor said Texans need to brace for “incredibly heavy rain” leading to “more danger for Texas.”    He also said Texans need to “constantly be watchful” for tornadoes.

The Governor said due to the fact that the heavy rain will be historic, most likely even record-setting Texans in the affected areas need to heed the following precautions:

-Stay off the roads

-If you are on the roads, stay out of water because you “take your life into your own hands” when you drive into water, even if it seems shallow

-Try not to go outside.

-Seek high ground whether outside or in a building.

The governor said his top priority is to “protect human life.” The second he said, it to rebuild those lives, a process he said has already begun, but will take a long time.  

He has activated more than three-thousand National Guard and Texas Guard Troops which are using five-hundred vehicles and fourteen aircraft to rescue stranded residents and take them to shelters.

Abbott said four-hundred Texas Department of Transportation employees are involved in recovery, removing debris on roadways.  More than 250 highways are currently closed.

Abbott also stated that the public utilities are working to restore safe drinking water, but until that happens, residents are to continue boiling their water.

Abbott expressed gratitude to fellow Americans who are “pouring in from across the country” from Nebraska, Tennessee, Utah, California, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona and New York.

Abbott praised the efforts of the Trump administration “providing all the aid Texas needs,” and said he believes the rebuilding process will be successful due to the “effective federal partner.”

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