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5 Ways Liberal Media Can Leave Their 'Bubble' and Reconnect with All Americans 


Katie Yoder of the Media Research Center believes that the media should resolve to get out of their liberal bubbles in 2017. 

In her newest op-ed for Foxnews.com, Yoder shares five new year's resolutions for "the out-of-touch media to reach Americans again."

"At a time when our President-elect repeatedly calls the media biased and the liberal media smear conservative news sites as 'fake', writers easily lose themselves in an agenda forgetful of the everyday life," Yoder wrote.

Yoder said that during the presidential campaign there was far more coverage of President-Elect Donald Trump, but it was mostly negative compared to coverage of Hillary Clinton. 

"This is just one of many examples of how the media is not keeping in tune with Americans and American voters," Yoder wrote.

"In order for anyone in the media to write stories that capture people and their lives, we must first come to terms with our own humanity and the humanity of those around us," she went on to say.

In her op-ed Yoder gives five tips for a journalist who need to reconnect with their audience. 

5 New Year's Resolutions for Media

1. Go home (and not just for the holidays). Set aside time for family and friends -- people who remind us of who we are and who we want to be.

2. Know your neighbors. Listen to what they care about, and share your thoughts with them.

3. Attend church or another house of worship. Sit in a pew, listen to a sermon, understand Americans who cite a creed above politics and agendas.

4. Absorb beauty. Read a book, visit an art gallery, climb a mountain top.

5. Give to others. Not just money. Send a letter of thanks to a soldier or a note of encouragement to a prisoner.

Yoder told CBN News that the New Year is not the only opportunity journalist have for a fresh start. 

"There's a new chance to every day to become better," she said. 

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