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WATCH: Teenager Braves Hailstorm to Help Elderly Man Cross the Street


A California teen’s simple act of kindness toward a man generations older than him has gone viral after the moment was caught on cellphone video.

Elvis Ingersoll, 14, was working at his family’s restaurant over the weekend when he and his father, Ken Ingersoll, noticed an elderly man – one of the restaurant’s regulars — attempting to cross the street in the middle of a hailstorm.

“The hailstorm last only four or five minutes at the most,” Ingersoll told ABC News. “He could not have gotten caught at a worse time.”

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Elvis, one of triplets, rotates working Sundays with his siblings, Ingersoll said. The teen leaped into action when he saw the man, grabbing an umbrella to help shield the man from the hail.

Ingersoll described Elvis, along with the rest of his kids, as “good-hearted.”

The man who caught Elvis’ good deed on camera, Rick Buenaventura, regularly dines at the family’s restaurants for breakfast on Sunday’s, Ingersoll said, describing Buenaventura as having a “heart of gold.”

Buenavista’s post received a plethora of social media attention, with almost 5,000 reactions and more than 1,000 shares as of Thursday morning.

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Ingersoll said the attention his son has gotten on social media for the kind act has been “inspiring.”

“Too often the attention goes toward such negative events, which I think encourages people to do negative things,” Ingersoll said. “If Elvis going out there with an umbrella to hold over the man during a hailstorm encourages people to do similar acts of kindness, then we are all a winner.”

(H/T: ABC News)

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