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How This Christian Singer Is Helping Double the Chance of Survival for the Unborn


Joyce Im Bartholomew sings of deep spiritual things.  Her newest music video, "Please Forgive Me," is all about sin, repentance and forgiveness.

One group she hopes it might minister to is mothers who aborted their babies, a group she's often counseled.

"It's very hard for them to ask 'please forgive me,' because sometimes they wonder 'Will You forgive me?'" Bartholomew explained.  "The agony they feel, actually for the rest of their lives, they may not even talk about it."

Pro-Life Ministry Fills the Ultrasound Gap

Bartholomew loves singing but also cherishes her role as spokeswoman for the organization Preborn.  It's a pro-life ministry that, as it gets donations, uses them to buy and donate ultrasound machines to pro-life clinics.

CBN News went to see such a machine in action at the Rockville Pregnancy Clinic in Rockville, Maryland.  Clinic director Betsy Evans admitted the price makes them tough to afford.

"Extremely tough. Ultrasound machines can cost from $35,000 to $70,000 depending on the quality of machine you get," Evans said.

CBN News needed a pregnant woman who wouldn't be shy about the camera, and that led to inviting Jennifer Wishon, CBN News White House correspondent and soon-to-be mom, to volunteer for an ultrasound exam.

She explained why in the earlier days of a pregnancy, such an exam really matters.

"When you first get pregnant, you know you're pregnant, and you might feel kind of rotten, but you're not showing," Wishon stated.  "Your stomach is still flat and you can't feel the baby.  And so to have an ultrasound really makes it real."

It's Not Just a Blob of Cells

That's why ultrasound advocates push so hard for abortion-minded women to get such an exam -- because it makes the baby so real.   

Speaking of them first seeing and hearing their baby's heart, Bartholomew said, "They can't deny that if it's a heartbeat. It's not just a blob of cells.  A heartbeat means a heart."

"They're able to see exactly what's inside of them," Evans added.

"You see that there's a little creature in there who has a heartbeat and it's swimming around," Wishon said after just witnessing her little one.  "For me it was like, 'Oh wow! Now I can see what's in there.'"

Wishon has always wanted the baby she'll deliver late this summer.  But many who enter a pro-life pregnancy center like Rockville's need the counseling and the ultrasound to move them away from abortion.

"To see these girls, some of them quite young - some in horrific situations - come in and when they have the chance  to sit down and look at what's in front of them - for them to choose life and to know that they can be good parents - it's a thrill, and it happens on a daily basis," Evans exclaimed.

Bartholomew stated, "It is so important, the ultrasound, because without the ultrasound, a person will choose life 40 percent of the time."

But Evans added, "Once a woman sees an image on an ultrasound, 80 percent of them choose life.  Easily 80 percent."

And that's why groups offering abortions are so often opposed to ultrasounds – because after an ultrasound, so many women who were bent on the death of their baby choose life instead.

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