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'Powers of Darkness in America that Could Only Be Broken by Women': See the Esther Generation 'Rise Up'

Pro Life Rally 2
Pro Life Rally 2

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Four days of around-the-clock prayer in the nation's capital culminated Monday with an event called "Rise Up!"

Despite the rain, tens of thousands of women and a lot of men came out for an incredible, powerful final day of prayer here on the D.C. Mall, crying out to God on behalf of their children, their families and this nation.

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"The Call" founder Lou Engle says this event was birthed in a dream where he saw a huge gathering of women called to save their nation, who, like Esther in the Bible, was called to save her people.

"There were certain powers of darkness in America that could only be broken by women, it was the hour where witches worldwide were cursing President Trump and this feminist movement rising that is not founded on the word of God, is funding Planned Parenthood and I knew it was the time to call the Esthers," Engle said.

Christian author and speaker Lisa Bevere joined in saying, "Feminists come together, but they only come together for what benefits women. God will not bless what does not benefit all so I think that's what makes this a very historic gathering."

Christian music artist Nicole C. Mullen says she felt compelled to be here.

"After they put out the vision of 'we're calling the Deborahs and Esthers to come to DC to cry out on behalf of life and of each other and just breaking down the divide, the racial divide that exists,' when they put that call out I was like absolutely, absolutely, if I have to ride a bicycle I'm coming!" Mullen said.

Regent University student Jasmine said the rally sends several important messages.

"The church has sometimes had a problem with women leading, and I think it's beautiful that we can be feminine and we can be leaders and we can follow Christ and bring the church into its higher calling," she said.

And Brooke from Raleigh, N.C. said, "It's like a counter of the women's march that happened after the inauguration and it's standing for all what the Bible says women are and that we're not independent but we're dependent on God and it's just a beautiful thing to be a part of."

In an age where abortion rights have come to be equated in the minds of many with women's rights, these women cried out to God to end legal abortion in America.

They put tape over their mouths with the word "life" written on it to represent the silent cries of the unborn.

"Women are going to shift the culture of life in America – shift that Supreme Court – and we will see the day when a memorial will be on the mall, remembering that abortion is no more," Engle declared.

"God is saying it is the hour for women, and in many ways, women turn the tide of history. We need you, women of God, right now, to give birth to a new day of salvation in America," he told the crowd.


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