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Texas Inmates Pull Together $53,000 for Hurricane Relief


While Americans of all walks and backgrounds have pulled together to raise money for hurricane relief efforts, a large donation has come from a somewhat unexpected place- inside the walls of the Texas correctional facilities.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, between August 31 and September 30, inmates there were given the option to donate money normally used for the commissary to Hurricane Relief efforts.

The donations started at $1.00 increments but most inmates gave more.

In total, Texas prisoners raised $53,000 dollars for hurricane relief.

The prison commissary is where inmates go to exchange funds from a personal account for goods such as pens, paper and toiletries. Those funds come from donations from family members and friends. 

Raising funds is nothing new for Texas inmates, according to their Facebook page; inmates donated $40,000 for Katrina relief in 2005.


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