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'Thank You Jesus for These People!' Operation Blessing Gets a Cheer from Florida's Forgotten

Hurricane Irma Operation Blessing

JACKSONVILLE, Florida - President and Mrs. Trump are visiting Naples today to get a firsthand look at damage from Hurricane Irma, the worst storm to hit Florida in a decade.

The president and first lady's visit comes just a day after the horrible nursing home tragedy north of Miami.

At least eight people died at an assisted living facility in Hollywood, Fla. after it was left without electricity and air conditioning because of Irma.


The oppressive heat and humidity were too much for the elderly residents to bear.

Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez said, "We depend on those people in those facilities to care for our most vulnerable elderly population and it's really sad when something like this goes on."
Police are opening a criminal investigation to learn why facility officials hadn't removed the seniors and taken them to a safer place.

Around the state, 81 nursing homes lacked electricity as of Wednesday night, according to the Florida Health Care Association. At a 15,000-resident retirement community in Pembroke Pines, temperatures soared to 94 degrees.

Immokalee, Florida (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

More than four million Florida residents are still without power and FEMA officials now say 90 percent of the homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed or suffered damage because of the hurricane.

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Many victims of the storm feel that no one cares about them, but CBN's Operation Blessing is helping throughout the state, showing people they are not forgotten.

That's especially the case for a group of families living on minimal income in a marina we visited near Jacksonville — a marina that's now closing permanently because of Irma.

Deborah Jennings is one of the senior citizens living on a sailboat here.
"We have a boat marina here of retired people on fixed incomes. Once our bills are paid, our dockage is paid, there is no more money for us," Jennings said.
She says Irma hit them hard — their boat engines were damaged by the storm surge and no longer work. They have little money for food or to fix their boats and move elsewhere.

CBN's Operation Blessing learned of their needs and arrived with food, water and other supplies.
"It was a matter of eating or not eating. Refrigerator systems are down, we have no power. I'm blown away by the things ya'll did for us. They brought food for all the boaters, plentiful. We're just blown away by the things you've done and we just thank you from the bottom of our hearts," Jennings said.

Now they're just praying that someone will help them tow their broken boats so they can find a new place to live.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Can You Join Operation Blessing in Florida?

In the meantime, Jenning and many others here in Florida are thankful for Operation Blessing, for the food, water and other items in a time of crisis, and for prayers of encouragement for the future.
Operation Blessing Vice President Jody Gettys prayed with them: "Lord, just bless them beyond their wildest dreams and let them know that you love them and as the body of Christ we love them in Jesus name, amen. Amen!"

"And thank you Jesus for these people!" Deborah shouted.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Can You Join Operation Blessing helping Hurricane Harvey victims in TEXAS?

Operation Blessing is accepting volunteers daily at 8:00 AM  (Monday – Saturday) at  Church Unlimited in Rockport, Texas. 
Onsite Volunteer Line:  757.284.9183

Church Unlimited
902 E. Main Street  
Rockport, TX  78382

Operation Blessing is accepting volunteers daily beginning at 8:00 AM (Monday – Saturday) in East Texas!
Onsite Volunteer Line:  757.374.0944

Cathedral Church
2350 Eastex Freeway 
Beaumont, TX 77703 
~ OR ~
Life Church
4600 Jimmy Johnson
Port Arthur, Tx



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