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Are Colleges Now 'Carebear' Factories? Professor Allowing Students to Choose Their Own Grades

College Grades
College Grades
A college professor in North Carolina will be allowing her students to pick their grades as classes kick off this fall.
Prof. Melissa Gonzalez teaches the Introduction to Spanish Literatures and Cultures course at Davidson College, a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina.
Gonzalez announced in an email to her students that she will be using "contract grading" in the upcoming semester, according to the CollegeFix.com.
This new system of "grading" will allow the student to pick their grade for the class ahead of time and the workload they need to complete to earn it.
"At the end of the semester, if the student completed the specific work they said they would, at the satisfactory level, they receive the grade they planned to receive," her email states.
Gonzalez says so-called contract grading "improves the academic experience" and refers to it as an "act of community."
Zachary Petrizzo, correspondent with Campus Reform Leadership Institute, told CBN News this newest trend is just the latest in an attempt by campuses and professors to make their students feel safe.
Petrizzo says a big problem with it is: "What happens when they get into the real world?"
"These professors are making safe spaces, trigger warnings, cry closets, carebears... all these types of things to make students feel more safe, more inclusive," Petrizzo said.
He continued, "In the business world, do you choose your own assignment? Your own job? What you do for your job? No. You go for it everyday, you work hard at your job and try to achieve the very best grade."
Petrizzo went on to say the idea of contract grading seems backwards and says it's not what colleges and universities are intended to be.
"To be honest, it's quite frightening that our next generation, the largest voting block right now in our country, is ultimately being treated this way and isn't standing up and saying, 'Look this isn't right, we need to put forth the best effort to receive the best grade.'"

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