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Prominent Democrat and Civil Liberties Champion Lays Out the Case Against Impeaching Trump


President Trump had only been in office for a few months when the calls to impeach him began. And they haven't stopped. 

Republicans control both houses of Congress right now. But if the balance of power shifts to the Democrats in November's mid-term elections, the calls to impeach the President will only grow louder.

But as the drumbeat for impeachment grows, one prominent defender of civil liberties in America says, "Not so fast."

VIDEO ABOVE: Pat Robertson talks with author Alan Dershowitz about his book, The Case Against Impeaching Trump on Monday's 700 Club.

Lawyer and author Alan Dershowitz says in the fervor to impeach President Trump, his political enemies have ignored the text of the Constitution.

Dershowitz lays out the reasons why those pushing for impeachment should think again in a new book, The Case Against Impeaching Trump.

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