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The Media Can Dish It Out But They Sure Can't Take It


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Excuse me while I dab my eyes for the poor, poor news media, so picked on by President Trump. 

After all, they're just trying to do their job, so courageously and impartially reporting the news...except for those eight years of incompetence and scandal that were the Obama Administration – remember? – when the press took a collective nap only to wake up a few times to write about how great the Obamas were. 

But the press is back on the job now by golly, because, according to them, a really evil man is president – a man who hates the media because he hates the truth and wants to be a dictator. 

"Stop the war on a free press!" hundreds of newspapers bellowed from Maine to Hawaii today. 

Apparently, "free press" means free to pretend to be objective while pushing out distortion and propaganda for the continuing war on traditional values; free to lie about being fair and impartial while pumping out 90 percent negative coverage of a president who has a higher approval rating than the media's hero, Barack Obama. The proof about the insanely anti-Trump coverage can be seen here

Meanwhile, with each special election and primary this year, their reporting has been blatantly more and more desperate for signs of a "blue wave" in the midterm elections – anything to stop the president they so fiercely oppose.

Let's just cut to the heart of it now: Trump derailed, at least temporarily, the left-wing revolution against traditional values as well as their protections in the US Constitution – an agenda that would banish Christian values from the public square, restrict constitutional liberties for some and construct an Orwellian control mechanism over the American public in the name of political correctness. 

The media has got to be bitter, and probably panicked, as they look at Trump's poll numbers and see their big chance possibly slipping away.

President Trump has even called the press "the enemy of the people." Too harsh? Well, they have proven themselves to be the enemy of some people and some ideas, but they're not the enemy of people on the Left. They ARE the Left.

Let's look at Big Media's positions on the issues:

Free speech for conservatives? Bad
Censorship of conservatives? Good
The police? Bad
MS-13 crime gang? Misunderstood
Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens? Bad
Guns in the hands of criminals? That's a toughie
Borders? Bad
Illegal aliens? Good
People victimized by Illegals? Who cares
Prayer in schools? Ugly
Drag Queen Story Hour? Beautiful
Marijuana? Good, while cigarettes are bad (Kind of a bizarre dichotomy, if you ask me.)
Plastic straws? Bad!
The carbon-belching lifestyles of leftist elites? Huh?
All manner of sexuality and transgenderism? Virtuous
Sex only between husband and wife? Bigotry

For decades, the Big Media grew accustomed to beating the stuffing out of Republican presidents with impunity, but Trump can give as good as he gets.

This morning the president, in the face of the media's national pity party, tweeted "THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA IS THE OPPOSITION PARTY."

And when you size up their positions,reflected in their consistently slanted coverage, they absolutely are. 


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