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Activist Mommy Blasts Showtime's Move to Include First 'Non-Binary' Character In TV Show


Watch the full interview with "Activist Mommy" Elizabeth Johnston as she talks about Christians responding with love to this issue and how to address the problem.

The first non-gender role on an American television show is stirring controversy.

Showtime recently debuted the non-binary character in its drama called "Billions."

Non-binary is a word used to refer to gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine.
Asia Kate Dillon, who identifies as neither male nor female, plays the role of Taylor Mason on the show, who is also non-binary.

Dillon uses singular they pronouns and her role on the show is the first gender non-binary character on American television.

The move is seen as a huge step forward for LGBTQ inclusion and representation in pop culture.

But Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the 'Activist Mommy', says Showtime's decision to cast a non-binary character is all part of the LGBTQ's plan to normalize it.

"This is an LGBT agenda that is being pushed on our nation," Johnston said in an interview with CBN News. "Truth and science and facts matter and just because someone says that two plus one equals five that doesn't make it true. There's something called facts and truth and the truth of it is we are born xy or xx or we have a biological or psychological pathology and what we're seeing with gender dysphoria is pathological and it is not normal and we're being asked to embrace it as normal and celebrate it."

Johnston went on to say that Showtime's inclusion of a non-binary character is a reflection of today's cultural norms.

"Unfortunately, it is a reflection of what we're seeing," she said.

She went on to say, "This whole concept of what I call, 'gender insanity,' the youth crisis, confusion over gender, is very trendy right now."

But she also pointed out that those suffering from identity confusion need prayer and healing.  

"What we're seeing with this whole trendy gender confusion that has come from the LGBT agenda is that people are not getting the help they need and so 40% of transgenders are attempting to commit suicide, as compared to 4% of the rest of the population," she explained.  "It's because we're not getting them the treatment that that they need.  We're enabling them.  We're saying you're entitled to a sex change. You're entitled to a name change. And that is not the kind of care that they need."

Johnston also said that the Bible has a lot to say on the issue.

"Satan is the author of confusion and that is the confusion that we're seeing in our culture," she said. 

"It's just my prayer that people return to embracing what God created them to be.  God designed the man and the woman and he designed for the man and the woman to marry and to create children and to have a happy family and what we're seeing with same-sex couples, same sex marriage, people changing from one sex to the other, look this is not intelligent. This is not scientific."

"As Christians, our response should be love and compassion for those who suffer from gender dysphoria but we should not enable this and we should help them get them the compassionate medical care that they need," said Johnston.



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