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Operation Blessing's Snow Buddies an Answer to Prayer for Snowed-In Virginians

Shoveling Snow
Shoveling Snow

Winter storm Grayson slammed Hampton Roads, Virginia with unprecedented blizzard conditions, causing major problems for the eldery and vulnerable.

Trecherous road conditions and record snowfall stranded many in their homes with no way out.

Operation Blessing's Snow Buddies program is helping by clearing snow from driveways and walkways for those in need across Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

According to a statement provided to CBN News by Operation Blessing, "The program was started four years ago to help people who need help digging out so they can get to chemo, dialysis and other life sustaining treaments, the elderly, single moms, disabled and those who are not able to help themselves."

Cile Younger's husband Bob had been on the waiting list for hip placement surgery for four months.  The operation is scheduled for Jan. 6th, but because they were snowed-in, they had no way of getting him to the much needed appointment.

"With this storm, it came out of the blue and Bob is now in such a shape that he can hardly get from the bedroom to the bathroom," Mrs. Younger said in an interview with Operation Blessing.

She said she called the local fire department for assistance, but they were unable to help because all transports were being used for other medical emergencies.

Thankfully she was referred to Operation Blessing.

"When I woke up this morning I said 'Lord make a way where there seems to be no way,' and it looks like Operation Blessing was our answer," she said.

Operation Blessing staff and volunteers showed up at the Younger's home and went to work clearing away the snow.

Mrs. Younger continued, "They even brought the snow plows in, the crew, the people that are helping, they're even helping my next door neighbor who needs it as well, so what a blessing."

An 82 year dialyais patient also received the much needed snow-removal help. Operation Blessing cleared snow from the woman's handicap ramp and sidewalk so she could safetly get to her dialysis appointment.

Residents are beyond thrilled with the support.

"Thank you. Thank you," the woman told Operation Blessing.

"It's fantastic, I can't even believe it," Mrs.Younger commented.  "I'm not one who usually asks for help but this time we really needed it and Operation Blessing came to the rescue. With it being plowed, I couldn't even see myself getting out of my neighborhood. So it is wonderful."

She is eager to share about the critical difference Operation Blessing has made in their lives.

"Lots of people will hear about this story because the doctors are waiting, the OR group, they're waiting to hear can we go or not. And the reason we're going is because of you guys, Operation Blessing," expressed Mrs. Younger.

"And thank you for your prayers as well," she said.

Operation Blessing says it will send teams out to help with snow removal until the weather begins to warm.







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