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Lila Rose Reveals What Changes People's Minds on Abortion


Lila Rose, founder and head of pro-life group Live Action, is on a mission to help transform people's hearts and minds when it comes to abortion. Rose employs undercover investigations and personalized storytelling to try and convey pro-life messages aimed at reaching members of the public with the realities of what the procedure entails. 

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Among other related subjects, Rose has fiercely responded to the pro-choice critique that men should be silent on abortion. These critics often argue that the issue doesn't directly impact men and, thus, they should stay out of policy discussions surrounding it. 

"It's a lie to men that they can't speak … When it comes to abortion, men — their voices are crucial … no one has the choice to murder a child," Rose said. "This is God's gift of life, which we're all called to defend." 

"Pure Talk" panelist and "Duck Dynasty" star Missy Robertson agreed. 

"It takes two to make a baby," Robertson said. "It's not just the mom's baby; it's the dad's baby too." 

Watch Rose and Robertson respond to the critique that men should be silent about abortion: 

Rose also explained how telling individual stories about women's abortion experiences has helped lift an information veil and change people's perspectives. 

"People are living in the lie today … the good news is, the truth sets people true," Rose said on a recent episode of PureFlix.com's "Pure Talk." "That is the way that we've seen people change – when they actually know what's happening through the story. They know what abortion actually is." 

Robertson echoed this sentiment and said that she believes many abortion activists have tried to sell the procedure by concealing what it really involves. 

"People want to turn a blind eye to that information, because it's just not pretty. And it's easier to wrap it up in a pretty bow and say 'It's an abortion' instead of ' [It's a]  murder,'" she said. "It's a violent murder, but they want to say that, 'Well it's the mother's right' — and package it, I think, in a really pretty package and say it's all about women and 'you're taking away our rights.'" 

Rose said that Live Action's big challenge is getting people to see what's really happening without getting them to "shut down completely." Considering the graphic nature of abortion, this task can be quite difficult, but she has found plenty of success along the way. 

"People, when they receive it, they do change," she said. 

Earlier in the interview, Rose explained what her definition of being "pro-life" is, noting that it involves "supporting, loving, respecting all human life no matter what, no matter the age, the size, the level of development." The weakest humans, she said, deserve the most care. 

Rose started out on her pro-life journey after discovering an anti-abortion activism book tucked away in her family's bookshelf — a book that showed an image of an aborted baby. That photo stuck with her and left her deeply moved. 

"I remember looking as a kid … at the image of a child and this child was maybe 10 weeks old … you could see tiny arms," she said. "As a kid when you encounter that you're just struck. I thought, 'Is this real?'" 

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She soon started questioning what she could do to help. Today, she runs Live Action, a successful organization that, through activism and education, is changing hearts and minds about abortion.  

In fact, Rose said she has seen some ex-Planned Parenthood workers leave the organization after learning the facts about abortion. It's her hope others will step up to defend life. 

"Death and murder are never the answer," she said. "Instead we need to support all life." 



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